Free Pilatus PC-12 Power Calculator

Determine Your PC-12’s Cruise Power
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Determine Your PC-12’s Cruise Power

Finnoff Aviation has developed a simple slide calculator to easily determine the appropriate power settings for either Maximum Cruise or Long Range Cruise conditions.

This handy device offers PC-12 pilots a quick and simple alternative to deciphering multiple detailed tables in the Pilots Operating Handbook.

Measuring just 4.5″ x 9.5″ in its protective plastic pouch, you can stow this small calculator almost anywhere. Once you’ve tried the calculator, you will wonder how you got along without it.

As a service to the Pilatus community, Finnoff Aviation is providing these convenient calculators to Pilatus pilots, free of charge.

To obtain one of these indispensable cruise power calculators for yourself, see below.

Calculate Long Range Cruise Power

One side of this handy calculator quickly shows your Long Range Cruise Power. Simply set your altitude in the top window, then read the required torque setting in the window appropriate for your aircraft’s weight.

Calculate Maximum Cruise Power

The flip side of this calculator shows your Maximum Cruise Power. Slide the calculator to set your Indicated Outside Air Temperature (IOAT). See the altitude key to identify the color-coded altitude curve. Then in the bottom window, read the torque for that altitude.

This results in your Pilatus PC-12’s Maximum Cruise Power, quickly and conveniently.

Get Your Free Pilatus PC-12 Cruise Power Calculator

To get your free cruise power calculator, simply e-mail us your name and mailing information.

This is our way of acquainting you with Finnoff Aviation. Serving Pilatus enthusiasts in the United States, and worldwide, Finnoff Aviation sells and brokers used Pilatus PC-12 aircraft. With this calculator onboard, we hope you will keep us in mind for gently pre-owned Pilatus PC-12 aircraft.