100 Engine Upgrades and Counting

Finnoff Aviation Products delivers the 100th Pratt & Whitney PT6A-67P Engine to PC-12 Operator
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ORLANDO, Fla., October 17, 2022 – Finnoff, recognized leader in developing creative and innovative performance improvements for Pilatus PC-12 aircraft, is pleased to announce the delivery of its One Hundredth (100) Pratt & Whitney Canada (P&WC) PC-12 PT6A-67P Engine upgrade to our expanding customer base. 

In business for over 22 years, Finnoff Aviation Products has always specialized in “All Things PC-12”.

FInnoff 67p Engine Upgrade

The engine brings the performance parameters of the original Pilatus PC-12 aircraft up to the performance standards of its follow-on version, the Pilatus PC-12 NG.

Performance improvements include:

  • A 20-percent plus higher shaft horsepower for climb;
  • An increase of approximately 50°F in operating temperatures;
  • An new Accessory Gearbox has two 300-amp generators;
  • Installation by Pilatus Certified Service Centers.

When the Supplement Type Certificate (STC) was first issued in 2012, few Legacy PC-12s engines were nearing or at Overhaul. However, many were already opting for the new Finnoff STC which included the P&WC PT6A-67P New Engine Warranty of 5-years or 2,500-hours, whichever comes first, if purchased from Finnoff Aviation Products.

Note: Finnoff provides an additional 2 years to this warranty policy making it a 7-year or 2,500-hour, whichever comes first policy, if purchased from Finnoff Aviation Products. Customers close to overhaul that opt for the engine upgrade may be eligible for a $95/ hr. core credit for hours not flown to overhaul.

Additional Finnoff Performance Products and Upgrades include:

  • MT-5 Blade Propeller;
  • MT-7 Blade Propeller;
  • Electrical System Upgrade – A new electrical buss tie provides generator redundancy;
  • P&WC FAST™ Solution Installation –captures, analyzes and wirelessly sends full-flight data intelligence to operators within minutes of engine shutdown;
  • Single/Dual TB40 Lithium-ion Battery Systems – Increased electrical power for engine starts in all climates and weather conditions for all PC-12 models;
  • Second Lead-Acid Battery Systems – Add a single No. 2 Concorde LA battery for engine starting power;
  • ThrustSense® Autothrottle Installation – A full regime Autothrottle for all phases of flight provided by Innovative Solutions & Support (IS&S).

OUR STORY:Finnoff Aviation Products is an international company, which specializes in Performance Products for Pilatus PC-12 aircraft worldwide for commerce and governments.

Mission: Finnoff Aviation Products was founded for the development, certification and sales of products designed to enhance the performance, safety, comfort and ease of use of the Pilatus PC-12 and Beechcraft King Air.

Expertise: The core of our expertise lies in our knowledge and understanding of the PC-12 and King Air, the owner community, and the multiple missions and potential of the aircraft. This knowledge allows us to identify areas in which the PC-12 and King Air aircraft might be upgraded for even broader use.

Value: A key element in our program is to find upgrades (of such value that the cost of the upgrade will immediately be reflected in a corresponding increase in value of the aircraft.

“Follow the Leader” has been our model, and we continue to specialize and lead in engineering improvements and upgrades for the Pilatus PC-12, the clear world leader in single-engine turboprop aircraft.

Media is invited to attend our news conference at NBAA:

October 17th – Room N 210-C, 2:00 – 2:45

For more information, please go to Finnoff.com

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PT6A-67P Engine Upgrade Installed
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